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Exit the Game Advent calendar : The Silent Storm

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The Christmas workshop has never been busier. For more than 2 months you've been working hard, so everything on the 24th will be ready on time. As one of the chief toymakers in the workshop, you have your hands full. You are working hard testing out a particularly beautiful rocking horse, when suddenly the ground begins to tremble. A violent storm lashes the building and snow begins to billow in through the window. Hastily you close it and notice that a terrible silence has fallen over the workshop. Something is not right! When you hear all the doors click locked, you feel very alone. It is clear you need to find santa! But  first you have to find a way out of here.. This Advent calendar is both an exit game and an adventure story: thus in order to free yourself from this predicament you must open the door of the calendar each day. Each door hides a new and exciting riddle, the solution to which will bring you closer and closer to your goal! Only by solving your riddles cleverly, will you save christmas! For one or more players ages 10 and up.