Ticket to Ride - Europe

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A new train adventure awaits you as you travel across Europe with Ticket to Ride - Europe.  From Edinburgh to Constantinople and from Lisbon to Moscow, the game will take you on a ride to the great cities of turn-of-the-century Europe. More than just a new map, Ticket to Ride - Europe features brand new gameplay elements including Tunnels, Ferries and Train Stations. Plus, we've upgraded you to First-Class accommodations with larger cards, new Train Station game pieces, and a lavishly illustrated gameboard. Like the original, the game remains elegantly simple, can be learned in three minutes, and appeals to both families and experienced gamers. Ticket to Ride - Europe is a complete, new game and does not require the original version. For 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up, with a 30-60 minute playing time.